Intellytx©, Powered by Querent™, is an advanced BI analytics platform utilizing adaptive visualization apps with built in clinical, cognitive and statistical models and over 750+ Dashboards, 60 Predictive, Population Health Management models and Imaging Analytics and Deep Learning technologies. (Querent™ is a trademark of Enlightiks).

Encounter Optimizer©

Automated business rules with the “SIFT” capability (i.e., capturing clinical meanings from non-discrete data) runs in the background and keys off the encounter, and reviews all clinical notes to create a comparable encounter that is matched with what was captured in the EMR.

Solution Benefits

Captures all clinical actions from patient visits, including Physician and other clinician notes, diagnosis, and orders which create billing codes associated with the encounter records.

Labor Costs Reduction

Errors are identified and flagged for human intervention, result is that initially 90% are automatically mapped correctly, moving toward 95% over time as the intelligent system learns from user corrections – typically can reduce quarterly labor of 5,000 user hours  down to 50 user hours at cost savings of up to $2 million a year.

Revenue Cycle Management

Rules engine taps into the Revenue Cycle system looking for diagnosis codes and looks to optimize the revenue on the new corrected encounter record with the best billing codes, taking into account the quality metrics implications with changing codes and latest formularies.

Medical Billing Optimization

Rules engines looks for a match with the records and then fills in any missed events, procedures, diagnosis or codes, and identifies disease cohorts and tie to latest formularies, addressing the approximate $2 billion in lost revenues per year, or about $10 million per average healthcare provider group.

Competitive Advantages
Industry Tested Technologies iclincloud competitive advantages

Industry Tested

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Competitive Pricing

iclincloud works with legacy systems

Works With Legacy

iClinCloud Industry Credible Management Team

Industry Credible
Management Team

no rip and replace healthcare data server systems

No “Rip-and-Replace”

iclincloud highest level access to largest hospitals and provider groups

Highest Level Access To Largest
Hospitals and Provider Groups

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